Don Sticksel: Creative Technologist
Putting the T in creative
Howdy. I'm Don.

Back in the day, I was a writer. Then I saw that VCU Brandcenter was starting a track called creative technology, so I threw caution to the wind, packed up and headed to Richmond, VA to learn me some new skills.

I spent two years adding strong interactive chops to my writing skills. In some circles this is called the T-Shaped Creative. Personally, I still like to call myself a creative technologist* (partly because the program wasn't cheap). However, I'm coming around to the term Creative Hybrid.

Since graduating, I've worked on brands like Google, American Express, Nike, Coca-Cola, Audi, Sony Home Entertainment, Sony Ericsson, William Grant & Son, Starwood Hotels and more.

I've been entrenched on the experiential side of the world for a couple years and I'm ready to strike a balance between that and more in-your-face interactive work with a side of "traditional", whatever that means anymore.

Don Sticksel


*My Take on Creative Technology:
Some say that if you call yourself a creative technologist, you're supposed to code. I call that malarkey. People who code are called developers, who have a very special talent for very specific needs. It's not that I can't code, but it's not my specialty. It's a language and like any, you have to use it all the time to be any good at it.

To me, a CT is creative first and then finds the right platform/technology as part of an overall campaign and figures out how to get it built. Sort of a creative/strategy/producer hybrid, which screams for a Lee/Kirby/Ditko monster name: Cre Stra Du!!

I believe in tinkering, prototyping and making. It's all part of the creative process.